Philosophy and Mission

‘Education is, or should be, a continuous process from birth to death concerned not so much with the acquisition of knowledge as with the expansion of consciousness.’   -Alice Bailey


FieldThe team at UNITE adheres to the above philosophy when it comes to education or any other endeavor to serve our clients, and society in its entirety. It is our belief that only when initiative is combined with a higher set of virtues that short term achievements can be sustained over a long term horizon; and more important, that a society can ascend to a higher state and being. It is this understanding that will lead to greater aspirations for the individual and the collective.

The world has been seeded with good works and the required resources to see them through. Our role is to serve as a bridge and a guide in their unfolding.


Our Mission

To serve as bridge and guide in the advancement of education in answer to the individual brilliance of each learner, by providing individuals, organizations and nations with access to resources and the means for achieving success in fulfilling their respective roles in the development of effective, sustainable learning communities for the 21st century.