Advisory Services

Over the past two decades, the members of UNITE Education have provided a wide range of advisory services to corporate clients, government institutions, education enterprises and the investor community around the world. UNITE’s team has unparalleled expertise and proven experience in the governance, management and systems development of large scale organizations, projects and programs. The organization’s advisors and associates constitute a renowned base of experts in the education field upon whom we can call upon for specialized consulting and support. The competencies of UNITE and its advisors and associates include:

UNITE Education’s team has provided management consulting in the overall governance and effective implementation of short and long-range programs for high level international organizations and educational institutions. Members of the UNITE team have proven track records in senior level management of personnel, program and infrastructure requirements of organizations of scale, including the stewardship and professional development of educators and leadership at the school and company levels.

Business planning and development
UNITE has provided needs assessments, analyzed and sized markets, developed in-depth competitive analyses, guided long-range strategic planning, developed business plans and models, and performed return on investment analyses. We have worked with our clients in analyzing markets; designing marketing strategies; organizing distribution channels; developing supporting materials; and preparing and executing communications plans that have served in increasing the scope and reach of their service or product.

Strategic alliances
The team at UNITE Education leverages its extensive contact base of well known and respected organizations and individuals in both the private and public sectors to assist select clients in establishing strategic partnerships and alliances. Additionally, consultation and negotiation support is given to organizations who wish to identify partners with complementary product or service offerings and/or in working to develop means of expanding scope and reach overseas and domestically.

Product development, program design and training
Experience in product development ranges from providing PD and training for staff to assuming complete responsibility for the creation and delivery of a finished product or program. The team at UNITE have established systems, developed entire curricula suites and programs, and successfully developed and launched products for both online and more traditional implementations. The phases of product development include the definition of market requirements, the design of product specifications, and the production and quality assurance of the final product.

Establishing accountability and performance measures
The individual records and performance reputations of UNITE and its team are the result of decades of experience in establishing and implementing accountability controls and effective means for measuring and evaluating performance at the individual and organizational level. We assist companies and institutions in improving overall accountability and performance through systems that have been time-tested across cultures, organizations and societies.