About UNITE Education

UNITE Education is dedicated to improving access to quality education for all.

PillarsWe provide advisory services for education organizations, government institutions, corporations and investors around the world, as well as partner in select education initiatives, providing management expertise and financial resources through our vast network and trusted contacts. UNITE Education serves as a bridging mechanism between those solutions currently seeded across the planet and the leadership, collaborative environment and resources required to expand both scope and reach in meeting the unique requirements of each nation’s evolving learner base and other key stakeholders within the greater learning community.

The UNITE Education team has serviced a wide range and diverse audience within and beyond the education sector. The individuals who comprise our organization have demonstrated success and are widely recognized for their unique contributions in the field of education, while encompassing both a passion and humility which allows for our continued growth as an effective and responsible partner. The breadth of resources established over decades of active participation in the field by UNITE’s founder, David Scott Clegg, and the company’s core team and key associates are being offered to those organizations who have a clear intention to increase the breadth and impact of their contribution to the advancement of education for their respective nations, stakeholders.

UNITE Education serves as an effective bridge in providing innovative solutions for the 21st century learner and society.